The Future of Education Post Corona

The widespread of COVID-19 has surrounded the entire world with a cloud of uncertainty looming over the future after this pandemic. It is no news; it has affected various sectors and the day to day life of the people. As we see the situation keeps on worsening as the days pass and we see a rise in adverse impact of the education industry.

To begin with, all major examinations like entrance tests for different streams, boards and final examinations have been postponed, creating anxiety and stress among students and parents as well as the faculty of respective institutions. The lockdown and panic surrounding the current crisis has certainly decreased the number of registrations for admission for the coming year.

To combat these problems and benefit the students, education institutions can adopt and integrate emerging technology driven tools. This adaptation will definitely change the dynamics of the education system for betterment.

The change will be at a slower pace for education institutions due to centuries old lecture-based approach in classroom-oriented space. However, this virus has surely been a catalyst for education industry to look out for various innovative ways to stay connected and facilitate services.

As we move forward to inculcate new normal in our everyday life, many professionals from different industries have come together to develop and advance technologies with artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, data science, machine learning and many more for user friendly approach.

Here are some benefits of technology driven education system

· Enhanced learning with industry experts

· Lower Costs

· Secured and verified transfer of documents

· Generate automated database

· Easier to track academic performance

· Flexible learning

· Better communication

· Easier accessibility

· Time and location flexibility

· User-friendly approach

· Mitigate unforeseen circumstances

· Encourage innovative and creative solution-based thinking

· Easier to adapt technological changes in future

The spread of COVID-19 reminds us of our resilience to face the threats and unpredictable situations. This time is an opportunity to shift focus on digitalization and the skills needed for this rapidly changing environment. This could be the silver lining in the dark clouds, education and technology together can be a head start to a brighter future which will ensure learning never stops.



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