Artificial intelligence in biometric authentication

Biometrics Authentication Systems and artificial intelligence (AI) are amid the most powerful weapons for fighting deceivers when it comes to payment cards and the e-commerce industry. However, it’s time to face the sheer reality that fraudsters will forthwith gain access to AI, which could enable them to defeat multiple authentication systems from simple passwords to biometric security systems.

Above all, AI is not easy to use, and it is difficult for everyone to gain access to AI tools. Sadly, with the amount of research already done on AI, we are entering an age where AI tools will be available everywhere from online shopping to your personal search experience and event to your home security system. AI and biometric ID validation can work together in the following ways:

· AI Keystroke Dynamics: With AI keystroke dynamics can identify people with the help of abide time, speed, and fight time. Abide time refers to the duration of a key being pressed whereas fight time is the interval between releasing key and pressing another key. This feature can also be used to enhance the multi-factor authentication system along with PIN numbers or passwords. AI systems can track information about the most frequently used keys to identify individuals.

· Facial Recognition: AI uses 3D biometrics for fortunate face detection of a person and learns from millions of images. AI can analyze the picture of old (reasons to create younger images). So this proofs the fact that creating a more authentic model for face recognition with AI and biometrics together is very much possible.

· AI-Powered Voice Recognition: AI can train biometric systems using millions of voice samples of different users. Voice patterns can be analyzed such as speed, accent, tone, and pitch. So AI can evaluate a person’s biometric voice signature which is unique. This makes this process fast and accurate. AI-based speech recognition can be used in the workplace for authentication and attendance purposes.

· AI’s Gait Detection: Gait detection as the name suggests is the walking pattern of individuals that can be detected using AI as it differs somehow. Gait detection can be a viable solution with the help of AI. Soil sensors can be used to detect the walking pattern of an individual. With the help of AI, it is possible to detect the movement of the march for the security of the airport and in healthcare to detect certain diseases.

AI and biometrics can precisely verify the identity of individuals based on their physiological and behavioral traits. Hence, business-like financial institutes, education sector, healthcare can introduce AI-based biometrics for their workplaces and customers to offer user-friendly and secure authentication protocols.

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